iHomeTouch 3.2 Update

Version 3.2 is now available in the App Store. What’s new? In this release I have focussed on getting to things quicker. I believe that the way of understanding customer issues is to use your own product. I use iHomeTouch constantly throught out my day, and one of my gripes was the speed at switch […]

iHomeTouch Server, Active Home SDK on Windows 10

Confirmation that iHomeTouch Server and Active Home SDK works with Windows 10. The log in iHomeTouch Server shows two devices being turned on, their statuses are queried and reported back (only possible with ActiveHome SDK being installed correctly and the drivers for the X10 interface working correctly).

NEW! iHomeTouch for iPhone and iPad

Note: iHomeTouch requires iHomeTouch Server and a CM15 Pro X10 PC Interface to work. I started developing iHomeTouch 6 years ago. Back then the challenge of learning a new programming language wasn’t feasible, but then I found out you could build apps with JavaScript. A language I was already proficient in. I opted for a […]