iHomeTouch 3.2 Update

Version 3.2 is now available in the App Store. What’s new? In this release I have focussed on getting to things quicker. I believe that the way of understanding customer issues is to use your own product. I use iHomeTouch constantly throught out my day, and one of my gripes was the speed at switch […]

NEW! iHomeTouch for iPhone and iPad

Note: iHomeTouch requires iHomeTouch Server and a CM15 Pro X10 PC Interface to work. I started developing iHomeTouch 6 years ago. Back then the challenge of learning a new programming language wasn’t feasible, but then I found out you could build apps with JavaScript. A language I was already proficient in. I opted for a […]


New Website!

Hi, I’m Adam 1 JUMP 2 has undergone a refresh to align itself with the message I want my business to portray. That message is this – it’s just me, I wear funny glasses and make websites and apps. I believe setting the right expectations from the beginning is key to a good customer experience. […]