iHomeTouch 3.2 Update

Version 3.2 is now available in the App Store.

What’s new?

In this release I have focussed on getting to things quicker. I believe that the way of understanding customer issues is to use your own product. I use iHomeTouch constantly throught out my day, and one of my gripes was the speed at switch I could traverse rooms and play scenes.

So, I have created a drop down list which contains all of the Rooms. This list can be accessed from within a room by tapping on the Room Name in the navigation bar. It’s now quick and easy to switch between rooms.


Going forward Scenes are going to be a big part of iHomeTouch. Scenes will be available on Apple TV and Apple Watch. They will sync across iCloud and magically appear on these devices. I’m currently making the foundations to make this happen. You may notice gradual changes that are helping me navigate to this end goal.

I have moved Scenes to the top of the Home screen, for quicker access – basically. Before, if you had a lot of Rooms you would need to scroll down to access Scenes. Scenes are things that you need quick access to on a regular basis, so they are taking priority in the interface.


Next up is how you build Scenes. Scenes can now be created on a Room level, unlike before when they were built on a Home level – with every single accessory included in them. So now you don’t have to whittle through a long list of devices to remove them from your Scene, you’ll only see them ones in that room. So if you want to turn on the TV, turn on the LED backlights, dim the lamp – you can quickly do that.


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, iHomeTouch will not just be about X10. Shortly I will introduce other home automation products, but firstly I am going to start with the ability to call a simple URL. Watch out for that in an upcoming release!


Published September 27, 2016 & Filed in Latest News


November 22, 2017