New Website!

It’s just me, I wear funny glasses
and make websites and apps.

Hi, I’m Adam

1 JUMP 2 has undergone a refresh to align itself with the message I want my business to portray.

That message is this – it’s just me, I wear funny glasses and make websites and apps. I believe setting the right expectations from the beginning is key to a good customer experience.

This website showcases some of the projects I have loved working on. So I can do more of the same.

I’m introducing branding into the mix as well. Craig and I love working closely on this, it brings all our skills together and produces a cracking end product.

Did I mention cracking? My new logo is made up of three parts, that all form an egg. It represents the birth of your business which is made up of the three
elements of mine, branding, web and apps. Also if you turn them on their side, it spells AOC – but that’s a complete fluke smile emoticon

Thank you very much for listening! Please check out my new website and let me know what you think.


Published March 11, 2016 & Filed in Latest News


  1. Adam O'Connor March 11, 2016

    Testing the comments 😀

November 22, 2017