Blue Sky Assessing Website Design & Development

The Brief

Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy are NVQ assessors and providers of Apprenticeships. Their business had outgrown their current website, which wasn’t representing them correctly, nor was the content telling the story of what they actually did in 2017. The brief was to create a professional looking website which had greater value for learners and employers. The site needed to be responsive, which their current website was not, and it needed to reflect their core values.

The Process

I first met with the team at their Framlingham office. There I sat down and had a chat with each team member. I really wanted to get a feel of who Blue Sky were and what they did.

I used this meeting to understand the business from a marketing perspective. I asked a series of questions which helped me determine the type of people the website will be geared to. It’s so important to understand this as a web designer. If you don’t, you’ll be designing and developing a website for the wrong person, who won’t be interested in it and the client won’t get their return on investment.

The take aways were :- Blue Sky are a friendly bunch, who have a personable approach to their business, which enables them to have a huge amount of trust amongst their learners. Their business is a supportive one, and the learners gain a huge amount of value from the one on one service they receive from each member of Blue Sky.

I felt like their service had a complicated message. There’s quite a lot to understand so I wanted to break a lot of it down with illustrations. Illustrations are a proven way to tell a complicated story, effectively.

I attended a birthday event at Ipswich Town Football Club, which was being held by Blue Sky. It was all pretty much foreign to me, but it again reinforced the idea that, their was a complicated message, which I needed to resolve. However, I then realised I wasn’t the target market, so the site needed to speak in a language familiar with the employers and the style needed to not alienate them.

This meeting came after the first visual, which you can see below. This is just one of the visuals – it’s the team page. However, it has changed quite a lot. The castle, hills and clouds were used to accentuate the fact that Blue Sky are in Framingham, but the client felt it lacked a corporate look. So they were removed from the final design. This goes back to us not wanting to alienate the corporate clients. The site design needed a balance between, fun, friendly, supportive and corporate.

I also met Bluey at Ipswich Town Football Club.



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The Result

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