Contain-It Self Storage Website Design & Development with Bespoke WooCommerce Plugin

The Brief

Contain-It Self Storage is one of our existing clients. Contain-It had previously had a website designed with us. This is their 2017 refresh to include a new exciting service called ‘Pay Per Box’.

My task was to create a responsive website that made their new service easy to understand with a frictionless checkout process.

The Process

I first broke down the content into unique selling points, which were buried in a lot of text – I wanted to bring them to the forefront using illustrations, things like ‘no stairs or corridors’.

Often I am provided reams of content but I’ll choose not to use it as expected, but instead I’ll break it out into illustrations, icons, photos etc. These help tell the story quicker because it’s easier for the visitor to process.

My goal with the design is to quickly and effectively explain to the visitor what Contain-It sell and why they should become a client.

The client wanted an easy to use quote calculator, this required custom development, which I will go on to explain.

The website is built on WordPress and uses Woocommerce for its shopping cart system. Contain-It required a bespoke way to calculate delivery costs and for a deposit to be factored in. I developed a custom plugin that hooked into the Google Maps API to work out the distance between a postcode and Contain-It, an algorithm is then used to calculate the shipping cost and deposit. The clever bit comes when all of this fully integrates with Woocommerce’s shipping cost calculator. It’s quite cool!

The result is an easy to use, frictionless checkout experience in a fully branded environment.

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The Result

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