Fay’s Diamond Dog Grooming Web design & WordPress Theme Development for a Felixstowe Dog Groomer

The Brief

Fay is a popular dog groomer in Felixstowe with an impressive resume of qualifications. Fay wanted the website to have a feel of elegance about it, which supported the  use of the word diamond in her brand name. Fay shared how her premises was designed to feel like a high-end salon and that she wanted that feeling to continue throughout the website.

Fay wanted to be able to easily manage her website and have the ability to upload before and after photos to showcase her work. She also wanted a local developer as she had been let down by ‘website in a box’ websites in the past.

The Process

First of all I met with Fay for a meeting, being a busy dog groomer with a full time schedule we met ‘out of office hours’ at a local coffee shop. We used this meeting to discuss her business and what she wanted from a website. Fay shared some dog groomer websites she liked.

I went away and did the following…

I think there may be one dog grooming website on the planet that looks any good. They all seem to be self-made, therefore we didn’t use any for inspiration. Instead, I looked at high-end salons as a starting point. This came to a quick halt as salons seem to have taken a shift from the paisley look I had in my head, to a more rustic, burnt pallet wood, hipster type feel. So, I took another direction. I looked at some diamond websites and I had a break through, not with how I wanted the website to look but how I wanted it to read. I drew a parallel between an engagement ring, the ultimate declaration of love, and dog grooming. If you love your dog, you will send it to Fay, the most locally qualified dog groomer. I drew other parallels and used choice phrases in the design.

The use of the choice phrases in the copy all fed back to Fay’s initial requirement of ‘elegance’.

Next, I surprised Fay with a visit, accompanied by Sara Louise, our partnered professional photographer. Fay was expecting  just me I think. We spent 45 mins with Fay while she was grooming a dog. This enabled us to get some great photos for the basis of the website.


Sara Louise Photography

I chose not to wire frame this website, I had the story in my head and we went straight to Photoshop. We sectioned up the website into ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ended on a  call to action. Sara’s photographs were a huge asset to the design and enabled us to couple a great photo with the message of each section.

Two visuals were created, one for the homepage and another for an individual page.

Visual - Scroll to see more

The Result

It is absolutely fantastic…so happy with it. Thank you so much.😁 You have captured everything I was after in a website. It is truly fantastic, the layout, colours, fonts, pictures, everything about it is just brilliant, you are very talented and I’m so chuffed you’ve done a grand job!

- Fay Greene

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