Do you want to run your
own WooCommerce Book Shop?You're in the right place!

Step one

Type in your ISBNs
and press Go!

Step two

The plugin imports the title, description, image, price, categories plus a ton of attritutes.

Step three

In just seconds the books are available on your website.

Take back control
of your time.

You’ll have the tools to list books quickly – staying on top of what’s trending, pre-orders and what’s being talked about in the newspapers.

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Jumpstart your online bookshop with our plugin.

 Leading Wholesaler

Works with a major international book wholesaler (TBA).


Supports WooCommerce, the world's most popular shopping cart software.


Automatically categorises your books. Previously, a very time-consuming job.

 Book data

Imports lots of data, such as: author, publisher, number of pages, published date, book cover, format (hard back/soft) and so much more.


Automatically adds 'Peek inside' functionality to books supported by Jellybooks.


Keep your bookshop optimised and fresh by automatically syncing Edelweiss+ data to order your books by popularity.

Bookshop success stories

Adam is so good at Bookshop Websites, his plugin has saved me hours of time that I simply do not have. Adam’s plugin has helped grow Woodbridge Emporium into a successful business bringing joy to lots of happy customers.”

Jules Button – Woodbridge Emporium