Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

You could be wasting money sending traffic to a web page that isn’t optimised to convert. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to turn more of your visitors in to customers – and validate our changes with A/B and usability testing.

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Usability Testing

Our partners at Useability, in Malta, use state of the art technology, such as eye tracking and heat maps, to provide supporting data to validate their reports and our changes.

Usability testings gives you confidence in our work and your website.

Usablity testing can be displayed remotely at your offices or you can visit in person and stay in an Airbnb in Malta.

Research shows that a test with just 5 users will highlight around 85% of the usability issues with a product.

Eye tracking

When performing tests using the studio PC, the eye tracking solution shows where the test participant is looking on-screen. This shows as a heat map that allows you to easily see which areas of the screen catch the user's eye.

Device tests

Our testing studio also features a permanently setup device testing area. When performing device tests the computer can capture streaming via, AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast.

Camera feeds

There are also camera feeds that will capture the device being used including the participants gestures and a face cam to capture facial expressions.

Observation Lounge

View testing sessions live from the comfort of our observation lounge. See the desktop, device, webcam views and eye tracking overlay streamed live to our 2 40" HD TVs.


We can also stream the observation display to other members of your company that cannot be there in person, via Skype.

Tested by real people

Your website will be used by real people. They are the ones that spend money with your brand or leave to go elsewhere. More importantly they are the ones that recommend your brand to others.

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