The only MQTT iPhone
app you’ll need

iHomeTouch lets you easily control
and monitor your MQTT smart home
from your phone.

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A remote designed for you by you

Everybody’s smart home is different, that’s why being able to tailor your app for you is so important.
To start, simply take a photo, touch where there’s a lamp, give it a name,
now you’ve just made your very own remote control.
To turn on the lamp, simply touch the photo.

iHomeTouch is a remote for IoT (Internet of Things) devices,
plus your old school X10 modules.

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Automate your home with a touch

Personalise a room to your mood with a single touch or simply by entering the room.
Feeling tired, switch off quicker by turning everything off at once.


Zones are selected rooms or areas within the home. Control all lights or everything at once.


A scene is a combination of events which are activated at the touch of a button.


Based on your location iHomeTouch can trigger Scenes when you enter or exit a room.

iHomeTouch also supports scheduling and MQTT Sensors.

You can control your devices at a certain time of the day, every day.
You can also monitor devices that report their state over MQTT like thermostats and motion sensors.

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Scenes, now on your Apple TV

Turn your TV into a smart home control center.
Our new Apple TV app allows you to control Scenes added to the iPhone App.
We’ve made it super easy to setup. Using iCloud, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Installing iHomeTouch for X10? Install our Server App.

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