These tutorials will help you
set up and guide you through
the process of using iHomeTouch.

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Installing iHomeTouch Server

If you have chosen to use iHomeTouch with X10 then we have a server application that makes it all possible. To begin, you wil need to install ActiveHome SDK. This allows our app to communicate with your CM15 (you will need one of these PC Interfaces), this tutorial assumes you already have it set up and running.

Download ActiveHome SDK

Next up, download and instal iHomeTouch Server. Our software requires Windows.
It’s small and just sits in the system tray.

Download iHomeTouch Server

Setting up iHomeTouch Server


When iHomeTouch Server launches it attempts to connect over a tcp socket, this will trigger Windows Firewall.
You will need to press Allow access otherwise iHomeTouch will not work.


Now click on the Settings button. Setup is really, really simple!


Now enter a password of your choice.
We recommend you leave the port number as the default 6003 for simplicity sake.
The iHomeTouch app will default to 6003 as well.
Now press Done.
iHomeTouch Server should now be Listening.

Setting up iHomeTouch App


Touch the iHomeTouch logo in the navigation bar. Then click Settings.


Now enter the ip address of the machine running iHomeTouch Server.
Make sure the port number (6003) matches the one entered into iHomeTouch Server.
Enter the password you set up in iHomeTouch Server.

What's the ip address?

iHomeTouch needs to be running on the same subnet as iHomeTouch Server,
if you are communicating over a local network.
Assuming you are, here’s how to find your ip address.


Click on Settings, then Advanced. This will reveal an option called Web Server.
Handily it also shows your ip address. That’s the ip address you need to enter into the iHomeTouch app settings.

Add a Room

To begin controlling devices around your home, you will first need to create a room.
You will use a photo of your room, then create buttons upon that photo.
When you touch on an area of that photo, you’ll be able to control your device.

1. Tap + button from the home screen of iHomeTouch.
2. Tap Room. From here it will launch your photos.
3. You will need to grant iHomeTouch access to your photos.
4. Choose a photo.
5. Name your room.

  • room1
  • room2

Add a Button

iHomeTouch allows you to control a device simply by
tapping on an area of a photo where there’s a light,
lamp or garage door etc.

1. Tap + button from within a room.
2. Touch an area of the photo where you’d like to create a button.
3. Tap the cog icon (bottom left).
4. Name your device.
5. Select the X10 address.
6. Press save.
7. Tap where you created the button.
8. That’s it! You can now control your device.

  • button1



  • button2


Add a Button (MQTT)

To add button for an MQTT device, you firstly need to configure the app settings for MQTT. This will reveal a menu where you can toggle between X10 and MQTT when adding a device.

1. Tap Configuration in the navigation bar.
2. This will reveal a menu.
3. Tap MQTT.
4. Name your device.
5. Select whether it’s a switch, light or dimmer.
6. Type the MQTT topic this device publishes to.
7. Enter the payloads this device should send when it’s turned on, off or toggled.

  • mqtt1
  • mqtt2