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Latest from our web design studio

You’re probably asking yourself what makes us different to every other web design company out there. And we don’t blame you. After all, you’re here because you want people to find you and grow your brand.

Not only are we talented graphic designers, we’re also specialists in conversion rate optimisation, and as clever developers, we’re able to harness this experience to create for you, a website that stands proud among the competition and performs!

We’re small, nimble and a friendly bunch. We involve you in the process – because we want you to be happy with what we build for you.

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Do you find yourself in a situation where your website is just not looking how you want it, or even worse, doesn’t exist at all?

Our team are specialists in conversion optimisation (tecky stuff) and graphic design, we marry to two to create you a website that performs.

With our over 20 years experience in website design, we’ve learnt a thing or two. Your website will be designed to fit your business model, will be easy to use (we build totally custom WordPress Themes) and made to convert your visitors into customers.

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    Frequently Asked

       Why use 1J2 for my project?

    We've been building websites for 17 years, so have plenty of experience. But, we're also very small, so our costs are much lower than larger agencies. We're honest and passionate about producing great work. We design and develop our websites by hand, specifically for you, with your brand in mind and your business goals.

       How long does it take to build a website?

    We have our workflow down to a fine-art now. We are able to turn around a Standard Website design visual in 2 weeks. It's takes a further 4-6 weeks to develop the code for your Theme and Plugins - and then possibly 1-2 weeks with your help to add content to the site. Please see our process for more details.

    Custom Websites are take much longer - but we phase them and try to deliver something early to your budget.

       How much does a new website cost?

    Custom Websites are charged according to how much time it takes to develop them. Our Standard Websites are built with our own proprietary WordPress plugin and addons, so we're able to produce high quality work in less time. Standard Websites cost £1400, E-Commerce websites are £1700. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote and to discuss your project.


    You’re different, so you need branding that is different. We develop recognisable brands that have feeling and emotion, that provide you a platform to grow and confirm your credibility.

    We focus on branding discovery and creation. Our team will understand your business via a discovery meeting. We’ll perform competitor research, understand your core values, mission and vision.

    Your identity, includes your name, tagline, personality, tone and style. We capture this in a logotype, the most important part of the brand. It’s how you’re shown to the world and remembered.

    We will design brand material including stationery and collateral, signage, vehicle graphics, packaging and advertising.

    Client testimonialsNice words...

    Full stack developers Proper web developers

    You can be confident that our team can handle everything, as full stack developers we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the very best all round service. We are experts in database design, front-end and back-end development.

    So, if you think your project is large, we can do it, and we’ve done it! We build systems that easily grow with functionality and work cross-platform.

     Database Design

    The scale of your business is important to us. We design bespoke relational databases in third normal form (3NF) to reduce the storage of duplicate data. All our databases are designed with scope - so future enhancements to your business can easily be integrated.

     API Development

    We design and develop bespoke REST APIs in both JSON and XML. An API is the core of a web service and enables your solution to work on different technology, such as websites and mobile apps.

     Bespoke PHP Development

    If your project is unique and complex, custom PHP development is often the better choice. A bespoke solution will ensure all of your requirements are met, that all of your business logic is satisfied and the end result provides the very best user experience.

     WordPress Plugins

    If you can't find a WordPress plugin to do exactly what you want it to do. Are you tired of botching multiple plugins together to achieve something that still doesn't do the job? Why not consider a custom WordPress plugin built especially for you and your customers?


    You have an app idea you want to bring to life. You want a team that can not only build it, but also design the best business model while making something that adds value and is compelling to the end user.

    Meet the teamWe've been developing websites for 17 years.


    I started out in affiliate marketing, with a heavy involvement in SEO and SEM. In ten years, I gained a great deal of knowledge. I learnt how to design and develop the most effective web page, ones that will really turn visitors into customers.


    I’m Craig, the ginger, bit geeky, glasses wearing creative with a passion for design and a tea addiction. I can design pretty much anything, if it can have a design on it I can most likely design it.


    I manage your project, keep the paperwork under control, keep us organised so we can better assist you.

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