Meet the team

You’ll be pleased to know 1J2 has been developing websites for 17 years, so our experience over time gives you the confidence that we know what we’re doing.

The Team

Adam Founder / Web Developer

I started out in affiliate marketing, with a heavy involvement in SEO and SEM. In ten years, I gained a great deal of knowledge. I learnt how to design and develop the most effective web page, ones that will really turn visitors into customers.

Meet Adam

Craig Graphic Designer

I’m Craig, the ginger, bit geeky, glasses wearing creative with a passion for design and a tea addiction. I can design pretty much anything, if it can have a design on it I can most likely design it.

Katie Project Manager

I love to organise, to problem solve and to make everyone’s life a little easier. By changing the way we work or think about tasks we can become more productive and achieve the end goal quicker.