Custom Designed Site Safety Board Signs

Pubished by Adam on June 4, 2021




Site safety boards are a must for any rigging or construction business. Each safety board is assembled with 8 waterproof zipper wallets, suitable for presenting safety information and documentation to meet safety rules and legislation when on-site.

Our safety boards have eyelets every 30cms and come bundled with elastic mini-bungees suitable for securing the board to railings, masts etc.

Each board comes with a wallet (pocket) for HSE Law Poster, Company Insurance, Company Health & Safety Policy, Site Contact Details, Site Rules, Near Miss Accident Incident Report Line, CPP / RAMS SSOW and Other Documentation.

We custom design your site board with your branding colours, logo and web address.

Dimensions: 165cm X 100cm
Material: Wind-proof MESH Canvas

Please be aware that we will require hi-res / vector artwork for your logo.

Custom Designed with Your Logo, Branding and Fonts
Windproof Mesh Banners with Waterproof Zipper Wallets