Transformative Web Design

Effective web design isn’t about making a pretty website, it’s about making one that will boost your conversions and ROI. We use our creative juices to design you a striking website that’s focused on conversions.

Your input in the process is important to us. Our process involves you, so you feel vested in your purchase.

E-commerce Website Developer In IpswichWe specialise in WooCommerce and can build anything!

WooCommerce makes it easy for selling products and services online. Over the years, it has become the most popular eCommerce platform in the world used by millions of small and large businesses.

It is super-flexible, cost-effective, and easy to manage even for beginners.

It’s also very powerful, and because it’s built for WordPress, which we know inside-out, we are able to build some pretty amazing integrations and tools to enhance how you manage your shopping website and how customers shop/.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Our ingenious design technique enables us to display your website on multiple platforms with a single HTML code base. We have perfected how we design and develop websites, so when your site identifies a smaller screen, it will adapt and shift to a vertically stacked, simplified view.

Web pages that work well on mobile are favoured by search engines because they cater and offer a better browsing experience to half of the Internet, that now browse the web on their phones.

So, we make it a priority to deliver websites that work on the most convenient device your customer has.

Included in every web design projectTons of goodies for every one of our WordPress Themes

We have developed a WordPress Plugin called Theme Helper to provide functionality for every one of our WordPress Themes, going forward. Our themes are now stripped back and lightweight – providing only the markup and styles to display your responsive website.

Your website will enjoy our vast collection of addons, plus any that we build especially for you. Not only that, our Care Package keeps Theme Helper up-to-date with bug fixes, security releases and new addons, as they are released.

So, your site will just get better and better.

  • Contact Form

    Adds a contact form to your website use shortcode .

  • Contact and Social

    Adds contact information and social media icons to your website.

  • Footer Sections

    Adds sections to the Footer area of your website.

  • Hero

    Hero image with title, subtitle, form and content use shortcode .

  • Sections

    Sections you can add to any page with a call to action.

  • Subtitle

    Adds a subtitle to a page.

  • ACF

    Adds Custom Fields to your Theme.

  • Blog

    Structure for blog posts use shortcode in loop.php.

  • Charts

    Adds charts post type to your website use shortcode .

  • Countdown

    Adds a countdown to your website use shortcode .

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Adds faqs post type to your website use shortcode .

  • Features

    Adds features post type to your website use shortcode .

  • Lightbox

    Adds a lightbox to images by adding lightbox class to anchor img tag.

  • Meet the team

    Use shortcode [theme_helper_team].

  • Drag & Drop Ordering

    Allows you to change the menu order of a page by dragging and dropping it within the page list.

  • Popup

    Allows you to create a popup, useful for GDPR.

  • Portfolio

    Adds portfolio post type to your website use shortcode .

  • Services

    Adds services post type to your website use shortcode .

  • Testimonials

    Adds testimonials post type to your website use shortcode .

Focussed on conversions

Once we have your audience, we need to convert them into paying customers. That’s where our tailor-made web pages come in. Optimsed for conversion and professionally written, they will convince rather than just inform driving leads and orders your way.

We design and develop each web page around your specific call to action to maximise your sales.

We’d love to learn about your business and help you achieve your goals, so get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

Tell us about your project…

    A visual that will exceed your expectationsHere are our have key stages in the process that involve you.

    • 01

      We’ll meet, either at my office, coffee shop or your workplace. We use this meeting to get to know you and your business.

    • 02

      We'll email a proposal, which will detail the level of design and development work required to achieve the results you require.

    • 03

      If you’re happy to go ahead, you’ll receive an invoice detailing exactly what I will do, how long it will take and the costs involved. The invoice will be for an initial 50%. I will then schedule you in.

    • 04

      I like to begin with wire framing your website design. This is a visual representation of the user interface, stripped of any visual design or branding elements. It’s a good way for us to determine the basic functionality and information required for the website.

    • 05

      I will instruct a professional photographer, to spend 45 minutes with you, to capture photos, which we can use within the website design.

    • 06

      Based on your requirements, wire frames, and any content you have given me, I then sit down to produce a visual for the key pages of your website. A visual will be posted on a password protected area of our website, from here you will get a glimpse of how it will look when coded up.

    • 07

      We then collaborate to produce the perfect design by amending anything that isn’t quite right, adding in new elements and so on. I allow three rounds of revisions but I tend to nail it in two.

    • 08

      Now’s the time to bring the design to life. There are two stages to the development. The initial stage involves coding up the markup, I then go on to develop a fully bespoke, hand-coded, content management system theme. An invoice of 25% is issued at the end of development.

    • 09

      I will work with you to add content to the website. A lot of the content up to this stage will be dummy text, so now comes the time to replace it with something more meaningful and persuasive.

    • 10

      We will test your website across multiple devices and browsers and make any adjustments that are necessary to ensure the website is bug free.

    • 11

      I will visit you at your home or workplace where you can use a machine that you are familiar with, to teach you how to use the content management system. At the end you’ll feel confident that you can, manage your own website, add pages, blog, add products and photos – all by yourself.

    • 12

      When you are happy to, we will go live by deploying the website on to a live environment.

      An invoice for the final 25% is issued on the go live date or 30 days after development, which ever comes sooner.

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