Changes to how we build WordPress websites

Pubished by Adam on April 27, 2022

For years we’ve been delivering bespoke WordPress Themes, custom designed and hand-coded by us, from the ground-up. Separately for each and every client.

We’ve been working towards streamlining our processes, to speed up development time, but at the same time maintain the same bespoke web design service you came to us for.

Our new way of building websites will keep your website up-to-date with bug fixes, security releases, plus new features and functionality!

We have developed a WordPress Plugin called Theme Helper to provide functionality for every one of our WordPress Themes, going forward. Our themes are now stripped back and lightweight – providing only the markup and styles to display your responsive website.

Your theme loads its ‘add-ons’ from the Theme Helper plugin that came bundled with your website upon purchase.

The pool of add-ons is routinely replenished with new functionality when new components are developed by us.

So, your site will just get better and better.

Alongside the creation of Theme Helper, we have also developed our own Plugin Update Server. This allows us to deploy our plugins directly from 1J2 and not via Ensuring a quick and exclusive delivery to your website.

This new way of developing WordPress Themes means we are not reinventing the wheel each time we make a new website. It will allow us to turnaround websites faster and give greater value back to you.

We have just deployed our very first website using Theme Helper and we are working on the next.

If you would like a custom designed website for your business, and think you’ll enjoy all of the unique benefits spoken about above, please do get in touch!

Adam 🙂