The value of photography composition in responsive web design.

Adam | September 6, 2019

The importance of good photography is often overlooked. A professional photographer can transform a visitor’s perception of your business. People connect the quality of your photography with the quality of your work. I believe a photographer is able to capture […]

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Woodbridge cafe has a new website that tells its visitors what it does.

Adam | September 5, 2019

Seems simple, right? One of the major reasons why people leave a website is they don’t see what they are expecting. This is referred to as a high bounce rate. On the contrary, a high bounce rate can also be […]

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A small digital agency, building websites for multi-million-pound companies.

Adam | September 3, 2019

I can’t quite believe 1J2 is 17 years old! I get very nostalgic thinking about everything that has happened in those 17 years. From a 20 year old entrepreneur, scouring the Internet for deleted domains, so he could put a […]

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Branding for a new camper van conversion business in Felixstowe

Adam | September 2, 2019

This is one branding job I was very keen to get stuck into. I’ll let you into a secret, every night I spend hours watching van conversion videos. I’m interested in converting a van, like a Mercedes Sprinter, into a […]

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